How it works?

Step 1

Go to Create Store

From the top menu click on "CREATE STORE" button and go to the store creation page. You can also create store from here

Step 2

Fill up the form with your informations!

After going to create store page,carefully fillup your store related informations like: store domain name,your name,email,phone number etc.

Step 3

Choose a Theme for your store!

After filling up all the necessary informations click on "CHOOSE THEME". This will open a panel where you can see categorized themes. Choose any of the 56 themes that suits your business!

Step 4

Deploy Your website!

After filling up all the informations and chosing a theme for your business, click on the "Create My Store" Button at the bottom of the form and your store start to create automatically.The process takes 30 seconds upto 2 minutes depends on your internet connection.

Step 5

Activate your store

With successful store deployment you will receive an store activation email in the mail that you filled up in step-2 form.Verify and activate your store from there, without activating the store will become inactive automatically after 24 hours.

Final Step

Receive Store Credentials

After activating your store you will receive another email which includes your store credentials , url of your store and admin panel. You can visit your store and admin panel from there.


You have successfully created your own store in just 5 minutes!

You can watch the full process of store creation in this video too!

Watch Video