Facebook Shop Connectors


Facebook Shop Connector Integration

Follow the instruction below to setup the "Facebook Shop Connector"

Step: 1

You need to have a business account and a Facebook page

  • The first thing you must have is a Facebook Business Page.
  • Another thing you must have is a Business Account of fb business page.

Step: 2

  • Go To Business Account Setting and from left menu bar Click on Catalogues under Data Source Menu

Step: 3

  • Add a catalog and open in commerce manager.

Step: 4

  • In commerce manager go to Catalogue > Data Source and select data feed option

Step: 5

  • From get started menu chose yes and click next, in chose file tab click on use a URL

Step: 6

  • Now Copy the Feed Link below for your website to sync it.

Step: 7

  • From the admin panel, go to the "Facebook Product" menu. There admin can see the all product list. From this menu user can get some multiple options.

Step: 8

  • In the "Facebook Products" menu, user can select or unselect products as there need for further process.

Step: 9

  • After selecting a product, admin can "Allow product to Facebook Catalog" by pressing the green tick.
  • Admin also can copy the product url by clicking "Copy link". It will help the user to copy the product url directly

Step: 10

  • Once a product is uploaded to the Facebook catalog and if the admin wants to remove this from the item then he/she needs to select the product and click the red tick to "Disallow products to Facebook catalog".